Madeline Pollard

I am researching an 1890s political scandal in which Madeline Pollard sued a congressman for breach of promise. She claims a close friendship with Howells, which I am attempting to document. She claimed to have visited Howells in Boston and Cambridge ca. 1887 – 1892 and received written literary advice from him. The Breach of Promise suit [Pollard v. Breckinridge] was tried in 1893-1894 and I am curious as to if he made any comments regarding it to his associates. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Can anyone point me to archives/collections with material in the relevant time frame [1887 – 1894]?

Thank you,

Dr. Elizabeth De Wolfe
Professor of History, University of New England


In the 1880s and 18890s — and beyond?  — Howells read and commented on the Russians that were getting translated into English. Can you give me data in general — and Howells’ references to Dostoyevsky in particular?

Thanks. Dorothy Richardson

George Griffin

I am looking for letters written to Samuel Clemens that contain any mention of Clemens’ Hartford butler, George Griffin.

Best regards,
Bonnyeclaire Smith-Stewart
Independent Research Project
Atlanta, GA

No Love Lost: A Romance of Travel

Does anyone know if “No Love Lost: A Romance of Travel” was ever published as “No Love Lost: A Story of Venice.” I ask because a presentation copy that was issued in September 1869 three months before book publication has a dust jacket that used the sub-title “A Story of Venice.” As far as I know, all copies of the book had “A Romance of Travel” on the title page. I also see that it was published in Putnam’s Magazine in December 1868 with the “Romance of Travel” sub-title, so I wonder where the “Story of Venice” sub-title came from. Perhaps that was just an early idea for the title that never appeared anywhere in print except inadvertently on this dust jacket?

Thank you,

Mark Godburn
North Canaan, CT

Mr. Godburn is working on a book, “Nineteenth Century Dust Jackets,” that will be published in the next year by the Private Libraries Association in England.


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