The William Dean Howells Society is a nonprofit scholarly organization dedicated to the study of the nineteenth-century editor, author, and critic W. D. Howells.

Founded by Jesse Crisler and a group of interested scholars at the ALA in 1997, it sponsors two panels at the annual American Literature Association convention, which is held in May on Memorial Day weekend every year.

The Call for Papers for the Howells Society sessions appears at this site , on the CFP list , and in The Howellsian. The calls for papers are usually posted in September; the deadlines for proposals are usually in early January.

Dues for the William Dean Howells Society are $15.00 per calendar year. As a member of the William Dean Howells Society, you will receive the following:

The Howellsian, which is published twice a year.
Calls for papers to conferences such as MLA and ALA (American Literature Association).
Information and invitations to meetings and social events hosted by the Society.
Officers (Elections for officers are held every two years at ALA).

2011-2013 Officers

President: Lance Rubin, Araphoe Community College
Vice President: Daniel Mrozowski, Trinity College (CT)
Secretary & Treasurer: Mischa Renfroe, Middle Tennessee State University,
Editor of The Howellsian: Paul R. Petrie, Southern Connecticut State University

Past officers
Past Editor of The Howellsian: Sanford Marovitz , Kent State University

Past President, 2009-2011: Rob Davidson, California State University, Chico

Past President, 2007-2009: Claudia Stokes, Trinity University
Past President, 2005-2007:Susan Goodman, University of Delaware
Past President, 2003-2005: Elsa Nettels, College of William and Mary
Past President, 2001-2003: Sanford Marovitz , Kent State University
Past President, 1999-2001: Jesse Crisler , Brigham Young University
Past President, 1997-1999: Sarah B. Daugherty, Wichita State University
Past Secretary, 1997-2009: Donna Campbell, Washington State University

By-laws for the WDHS

About this site

Address: http://www.howellssociety.org/index.html. If you have bookmarked another address, please change it to this one.

Posting Information at the Site

  • Because this is an informational, educational site, notices of books for sale, eBay auctions, and other commercial information cannot be posted.
  • Although we post information about new books, plays, and so forth relating to William Dean Howells, we do not link to amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, or other overtly commercial sites, and we do not accept any compensation for posting notices.
  • If you have an announcement of an event or book relating to William Dean Howells, or if you’ve published something on Howells that you would like posted, please submit it to us at whartonqueries@gmail.com.
  • Decisions about what to post are made by the site author and owner, Donna Campbell, in conjunction with the officers of the William Dean Howells Society.


Most of the pieces at this site (such as the biographical information and the replies to queries) are signed; if they are not signed, the author is the site author..


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