New Queries: Howells and Dostoevsky; Howells and H.M. Pollard

I am researching an 1890s political scandal in which Madeline Pollard sued a congressman for breach of promise. She claims a close friendship with Howells, which I am attempting to document. She claimed to have visited Howells in Boston and Cambridge ca. 1887 – 1892 and received written literary advice from him. The Breach of Promise suit [Pollard v. Breckinridge] was tried in 1893-1894 and I am curious as to if he made any comments regarding it to his associates. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Can anyone point me to archives/collections with material in the relevant time frame [1887 – 1894]?

Thank you,

Dr. Elizabeth De Wolfe

Professor of History, University of New England


In the 1880s and 18890s — and beyond?  — Howells read and commented on the Russians that were getting translated into English. Can you give me data in general — and Howells’ references to Dostoyevsky in particular?

Thanks. Dorothy Richardson


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